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As you have seen on the news hairdressers can re-open from the 4th July 2020. To say I'm delighted to get out and see you all is an understatement. However COVID-19 is still very much out there. I have put together this list of protocols that are important to both you and I to adhere too for both our safety. 

  • Temperature to be taken the morning of your appointment and please let me know immediately if this is higher than normal, or if any of your family members have COVID-19 symptoms.

  • When I arrive I will apply my PPE and call you when I'm at your front door.

  • On entry to your house I will change my shoes leaving the 'street shoes' outside and go and wash my hands immediately. 

  • I will need to social distance from your family members as much as possible, so it may be the case that I set up in a different room to the kitchen.

  • A PPE pack will be given to you in a sealed bag. This will contain a mask for you to wear, disposable gown, disposable towels and gloves if you're having a colour.

  • You apply the mask, I will apply the gown on you once you're sat down.

  • Ensure the area you have set aside for me to work from has been disinfected just before my arrival. (table/kitchen work top and sink)

  • Please try and keep to the one person in the room rule, however if I am cutting your child's hair then can one parent stay with me at all times.

  • I am unable to accept any food or drinks so I will bring my own if it is necessary.

  • I will take any waste materials with me when I leave.

  • I am no longer accepting cash payments. Please transfer the outstanding balance to my bank account before I leave.

I apologise if all this sounds a bit extreme, I do hope we can go back to normal very soon. If you have any questions regarding the above please call me to discuss further.  


Thank you for staying loyal to me and waiting for me to return. I am really looking forward to visiting each and every one of you!

Love to you all, Nicki xxx

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